SVS Subwoofer SB-2000 PRO Review

The SVS Subwoofer SB-2000 PRO

Customer Reviews

Best subwoofers I've heard in person
“The SVS Subwoofer SB-2000 is by far the best subwoofer I've heard in person. 

I haven't found *anything* yet that even comes close to fazing this sub. If the frequency is too low for it to play (which is far lower than anything you'll encounter in music/games/movies), it just goes silent. There is no distortion as you approach the lower end of its frequency range, it reproduces everything clearly until the driver is physically incapable of reproducing the sound.

You may be on the fence because of the ported vs sealed debate, and how you're either sacrificing chest ratting thumps for clarity/performance or vice versa. This subwoofer has exceptional clarity, while delivering ample thumping power for an immersive experience for whatever you're listening to.

It's incredibly worthwhile if you're an audiophile or serious about your home theater. For the price range it's in, literally nothing else on the market comes close to this bad boy.

Trust me when I tell you this: Whether you have a proper subwoofer will make or break your multimedia viewing and video gaming experience.”

I was blown away
“I decided to bump up the sub in my 2.1 listening setup from my dependable BIC ported 12".

I also wanted to try a sealed sub for the first time because it would only be used for music and not in a home theater. During my research, I kept landing on SVS. I set it up and balanced out my levels over the weekend and now I'm blown away.

The build quality is wonderful and the sound is very good. I listen to my music with the bass turned up a little high but with the overall music volume quite low. I find that having a powerful and quality system running at a reasonable volume saves me from ear fatigue.

This sub will smack if you crank it up but, at my preferred listening level, it sounds super smooth, deep, and adds a presence to the music that I never heard before in my 2.1 setup. If I had more cash, I'd buy a ported version for my home theater setup and even a second sealed sub for my 2.1 setup (just to see what the 2-subwoofer hype is about). In SVS I've definitely found my home subwoofer brand for the rest of time.”

Great sound and easy to set up
“Longtime audiophile, have had many subwoofers and dedicated systems. Had an SVS subwoofer in a dedicated home theater room in my last house that was amazing. Bought this one to pair with 2 B&W 803 Nautilus that we use with our TV and Sonos.

Followed the simple setup instructions and even my wife was impressed with how seamless it paired with they system and how good it sounded with music, movies and TV. Thanks again SVS for making a sub that is going to bring years of listening pleasure to our house, at a budget even my spouse can agree with!”


When it comes to power and sound for your home entertainment system, you can't go wrong with the SVS Subwoofer SB-2000 PRO.


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