SVS Subwoofer SB-1000 Review

The SVS Subwoofer SB-1000 

Customer Reviews

A great subwoofer
“I haven't spent that much time with it yet, but I know enough to realize I made the right choice. The SVS Subwoofer doesn't just blow low pitched air out a hole like so many cheap designs.

It has great tone, that is - it sounds great, like a very expensive upright base would. By the way, I think Ill listen to some jazz tonight to check my theory out!

This is better than the 12" M&K V176, and the B&W ASW608 I had by far. It is also very good at the higher frequencies which I need because of my speakers' high cross-over point (200-250 hz). Great job SVS.”

Fantastic for music and movies
“What did adding a subwoofer give me in my stereo setting? More bass, duh.

I could babble on about more airy midranges and more room for the highs but that is nonsense. I got more of what I already had which was tight defined and focused bass and that is exactly what I wanted.

The match between a large closed box design loudspeaker like mine and the SVS SB-1000 is total magic.

As my son said, it sounds like everything is coming from the main speakers but bigger. Did I get anything else out of it at all?

With the crossover at 80Hz instead of 60Hz I got a more weighty thicker sound overall which I really like almost a bit more depth in the soundstage either from the added bass or how the bass is interacting with the room.

I played bass-shy music like Sonny Clark’s “Cool Struttin’” and it had more weight to acoustic bass and drums. I played Calexico with Iron & Wine’s “In the Reins” and the sound was thicker and deeper overall turning off the subwoofer gave an immediately more thin presence to the tone of the music.

What about movies? Well, it is great for fast paced shoot-em-ups all John Wick style but with a solo sub in a basement you do have to crank it up from music listening volume to get the big explosion thumps you want from a super hero MCU Avengers battle. But this subwoofer can still pull it off. Which is way nice.

Overall, this subwoofer is very musical and can pull off movies really well too."

Passes with flying colours
“Did a lot of research on subwoofers to replace my nearly thirty year old one.

Was mainly looking to add a sub to my KEF ls50 two channel music only system that wasn't as imposing looking as my old sub.

Also, needed a sub that could keep pace with the very fast KEFs. I knew my old sub was not up to the task of pacing the KEFs, but never knew how bad it was until I first turned on the SVS.

From the outset, I knew the small SVS was a keeper. And that was before I even dialed it in. Initially, I just connected it up to my Rogue Sphinx integrated with the high level inputs with the KEFs running full range, set the crossover to 80hz, left the phase at 0 and set the volume by ear.

Very nice improvement over what I had been living with. Next day I did the "full" setup using test tones and SPL meter. Ended up with crossover at 60hz, phase at 0 and volume up at ten clicks.

Well, everything is totally integrated, sounding like a much fuller speaker. The tiny SB 1000 keeps perfect pace with the KEFs. All I hear is a full-bodied wall of sound with deep soundstage (something the KEFs do very well).

While I was obviously hoping for improvement over my old sub, I wasn't ready for the dramatic change due to the seamless integration and speed that the SVS yields. If you value high end sound for music without having to spend big bucks, this is the sub you should audition.”


If you're looking for a powerful, compact subwoofer to add deep bass to your home cinema, look no further than the SVS Subwoofer SB-1000.  

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