SVS Subwoofer PB-1000 Review

The SVS Subwoofer PB-1000

Customer Reviews

It's a must-have
“The SVS PB-1000 has incredible bass for under R18,000, sounds like it's way more expensive.

I actually have this paired with a BIC f12 sub in my home theater, and the other 5 channels are some really good Polk speakers. The f12 is the big boy up in the front left of the room, and the SVS is behind our seating, filling the back of the room with rich bass and rumbling our seats like there's an earthquake. It's an incredible experience.

I know most audio people will say not to mix speaker brands, but once I got the levels balanced everything works together in perfect harmony and I cannot even remotely tell that there are two different brands of subs in the room. With the SVS added in, the audio portion of my home theater is just a little over R40,000, and honestly sounds like so much more. The SVS was the missing piece.”

Great value
“Wow! This subwoofer is all I ever wanted and needed for my home theater/music needs. I thought R18,000 was a ridiculous price but apparently it is worth it.

It has incredible performance. It gives that good, punchy, sound pressurizing bass. And it goes low as promised (19Hz). I'm hearing things in my media I never could with my old subs.

However a few adjustments need to be made. You cannot rely on your AVR's Room Calibration EQ alone. You will need to make tweaks afterwards.

Don't leave your sub's gain knob at twelve o'clock after Room EQ. It is important to use the gain knob to unleash the power of this sub. Ignore the subwoofer level set by Room EQ and set the subwoofer level to -5 on AVR and only use the gain knob on the back of the sub to adjust the volume to your liking. It is also recommended to add an extra 4 feet to the subwoofer distance after room EQ.”

The upgrade you need
“I bought this as a much-needed upgrade from my old sub  got a few years ago. I have been upgrading my sound system slowly and it was high time to get a good subwoofer. I did a lot of research and many people pointed to the SVS subwoofers.

I do a mix of movie watching and music listening with my sound system. The first thing I did after hooking the sub up and calibrating it was listen to some music. I tried a few bass-filled songs. They sounded great on this sub! They were nice and clear and filled the room well. Not muddy at all.

After listening to music I decided to run a subwoofer test. This test ran a bunch of frequencies through the sub to test its response. When it started playing it felt like someone was grabbing my head and shaking it. This sub can hit low and hit it hard.

I haven't had much chance to watch any loud action movies with it yet, but I have no doubt it should be able to handle it. I definitely like the sub so far, and will most likely order a second one in time."


For a powerful subwoofer that will greatly enhance your home theatre, look no further than the SVS Subwoofer PB-1000.

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