Sonos Arc Soundbar Review

The Sonos Arc Soundbar

Customer Reviews

Amazing sound
“Wow. The sound on the Sonos Arc is AMAZing.

We had the Sonos Beam for a few days but it was buggy with our setup for some reason.

Caused delays and then fast forwarding of audio and video before it caught up. Returned it and put a sound bar on the back burner for half a year or more. Saw this bad boy was coming out and took a chance on it and am SO much more impressed than the Beam.

I’m glad I waited because HDMI is important to me, I didn’t want to setting for Optical with the Playbar. The box is heavy, about 24 pounds and almost 45 inches, so if you have stairs keep that in mind. Setup was a breeze, as with our Sonos Ones, now our whole home has audio that syncs beautifully, and the new app works like a dream. Bass is gorgeous. Center channel makes voice clarity so much, well, clearer. Music sounds gorgeous.”

A really great soundbar
“Consumers and pro critics alike have been heaping high praise on the sound of the Sonos Arc Atmos soundbar, so I won't go further other than to say that I completely agree. I had a pre-order in for my Arc soundbar and had it upon release before it quickly sold out everywhere. Highly recommend."

Two thumbs up
“Love the Arc. I replaced a Sonos Playbar with the Arc and the upgrade is significant. I’m no expert about sound by any means but I know what I like, and this sounds incredible.

I have it paired with the Sonos Sub and two Sonos One’s for the surrounds. Basically the same setup I had before with the Playbar. The Playbar is now continuing it’s service in a guest room. The Arc is also quite excellent with music too. I’d choose it again in a heartbeat.”


If you're looking for a high quality soundbar to add to your home entertainment system, look no further than the Sonos Arc Soundbar.

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