Polk Signa Solo Soundbar Review

The Polk Signa Solo Soundbar

Customer Reviews

Incredible value for money
“Even though I know Polk to be a high-quality brand through owning multiple pairs of their floor-standing and bookshelf speakers through the years and never being disappointed, I wasn’t expecting much based on the price of this sound bar.

However, the quality of this soundbar really did surprise me. Even with small drivers and no accompanying sub, bass is rich and undistorted and highs are unmuffled without sounding tinny.

This easily sounds better than most sub-R3,000 sound bars I’ve heard.

It’s also nice that it’s as long as much more expensive sound bars as you can get much better stereo separation.

Although this thing can’t rival a small dedicated 2.0 setup with a receiver and ‘proper’ speakers, for its price and size, it comes close enough to be worth it.”

Good price, great sound
“This is a great performer for a very good price making it a great value. TV speakers on newer flat screens are typically tinny sounding and fail to deliver the type of sound the other wise excellent picture deserves.

Enter the Polk Sound bar. It delivers decent base without booming, and great sound across the frequency spectrum. It also is Bluetooth capable and used frequently in our installation. I have been a Polk fan since they started making small bookshelf monitors in the 80's and still have two pair that sound as good today as they did when I bought them 30+years ago.

Features I like include the auto-on and off when the TV is powered. The sound bar can be easily configured to respond to the TV/Sat receiver remote control reducing clutter. Skip the bulky 2.1 set-ups if you want simplicity, ease of use and useful features.”

Great for small / medium spaces
“This is a good soundbar for a small to moderately sized room, or for a space where you don't want to have bass thundering through the walls.

We could immediately hear the difference versus the old Soundbar we had, and versus the standard TV speakers in an extra bedroom.

This thing has really good mid-range, the bass is good but not booming, and the high end is decent but not exceptional. We were able to hear things that the previous sound bar on the TV was never able to bring through in various TV shows and movies.

I have several high-end sound bars in our family rooms and other areas, and this bar will not outperform them, but if you're looking for something that will just enhance the television listening experience significantly, and/or provide a little extra power when you're watching a movie, this will do the trick.

The remote is tiny and will get lost. That, and there aren't a lot of indicators on the soundbar to let you know what's going on are the only real criticisms I can throw at this thing.

We found this works best at normal volumes to maybe two to three times normal listening volumes. It will distort the bass once you turn it up about three times the normal listening level.”


For a lower cost option with great features, you can't go wrong with the Polk Signa Solo Soundbar

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