Polk Magnifi Mini Soundbar System Review

The Polk Magnifi Mini Soundbar System

Customer Reviews

Great for home theatre
“The Polk Magnifi soundbar is great for movies, shows, voice audio etc I like the night mode. Music sounds great as well. The SDA Audio Tech took me a little to get used to, there are times I wish it had a little fuller sound for music but there are also times where it sounds great depends on the style of music.

Size of the speakers are great, hooked up to my google home perfect and Bluetooth sounds great as well. Definitely worth looking into. Highly recommend..”

A powerful soundbar for the price
“It works great with my projector connected PS4 and Apple TV. The subwoofer is behind my couch connected to a surge protector with a smart bar connected to my AmpliFi Home Kit so I can switch my subwoofer off with ease when others are sleeping.

It's practical and easy to use, and for around R5,000 it's definitely worth it."

“Great for TV viewing or gaming. Would have liked the remote to have Illuminated controls for low light conditions. Big improvement over the TV speakers.

The audio system sounds amazing. Good quality sound crisp and sharp sound. Very happy with this”


A powerful soundbar that gives you bang for your buck. The Polk Magnifi Mini Soundbar System is a great addition to your home theatre setup.

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