Optoma HD27E Projector Review

The Optoma HD27E Projector 

Customer Reviews

Great value for money
“My family and I have been using an HD projector & a 100" screen as our TV for a number of years.

This is our 3rd projector. I bought the Optoma HD27E to replace a much higher priced Epson 6100 3LCD projector that tended to eat bulbs every 6-12 months (no bulb ever reached its advertised life expectancy).

The Epson's picture was sharp but was also very dim, even set to its brightest. When the auto iris finally died we were left with the decision of spending a minimum R6,000 to ship the unit off to have it fixed, or spending under R13,000 for a new Optoma.

More of a concern than price however, was the fact that our old projector was mounted to the ceiling much further away from the screen than the Optoma specs allowed for a 100" image.

We really didn't want to have to relocate the mount and repair the ceiling in the old location, so we were somewhat hesitant. Finally we decided that it was worth it in order to do away with the old bulb eater. Boy am I glad we chose the Optoma. In a nutshell, this projector is outstanding.

At 3200 lumens, the picture is incredibly bright even with all of the lights on & the window blinds open on a sunny day! The colors are stunning & the image is very sharp as well. We were even able to mount the Optoma projector in the original location, over 13' away from the Screen. Despite what the documentation  stated, you can get a great 100" picture from that far away. All you have to do is enter the menu & use the zoom feature (ours is set to -3). Eventually we will mount the unit in the recommended location, however it's working perfectly fine until then. The projector is also very quite & the 3D works great with active DLP link glasses. If you're skeptical about the inexpensive price tag and concerned about the quality, don't be. This is a fantastic projector at any price! Cheers!”

Simply phenomenal
“Phenomenal projector! Very bright and does well in ambient light.

Picture is crystal clear. Colors are rich and deep. Fan is pretty quiet, not noticeable at all.

Getting about 93 inch throw from 10.5 feet away...one more foot and I would be able to fill the full 100 inch screen I have.

The only con is that there is no horizontal keystone adjustment for projecting at angles, but vertical keystone is great! No blurring around the edges. 1080p streaming looks like 4K!

HDR is awesome with my PS4! And input lag is lightning fast, with no noticeable lag when gaming. Even in eco mode, the brightness is more than enough...even WITH ambient light. Can’t go wrong for less than R13,000, this is a steal!”

Great and easy to use
“I was finally able to connect the projector after a long time. The projector has all it takes to be user friendly.

The price is around R13,000 which for a novice like me is good to justify a very infrequent use. The picture quality is good, sharp, I installed about 18 feet from the screen to obtain optimum screen size of 120 inches. Any closer was not allowing me to use aspect ratio of 16:9.

The remote is extremely bright as reported by some users, but fortunately turns off after few seconds. The image can be shifted by the remote which is an excellent feature as I don't want to move the projector that i have installed in the ceiling.

The cables are concealed, both the power and the HDMI (35 footer). I purchased a 5.2 channel Denon receiver that allows five HDMI inputs among which I have my fire stick connected to allow streaming.

The sound quality has become excellent due to the receiver and the speakers that are preinstalled in my basement. The sound quality of the projector is ok but I am unable to have stereo, surround etc. so the receiver helps.

So far I have used the projector for about 4-5 hours and I hope I don't have to deal with the lamp issue or dead projector.”


Considering the performance and the price, the Optoma HD27E projector is great value for money. A great addition to your home theatre setup.


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