Onkyo NCP-302 White Wireless Speaker Review

The Onkyo NCP-302 White Wireless Speaker 

Customer Reviews

Well worth it
“I already own an Onkyo TX 8250 and wanted to use wireless speakers compatible to the receiver. These speakers were recommended by Onkyo. There were not many customer reviews out there for these yet so I took a chance and bought one.

We love the speaker it was simple to link to the receiver using the Onkyo app and can be controlled wirelessly with the app as well including the volume. I couldn't be happier with the look, technology and most importantly the sound. You can also stream music by Bluetooth from another device as well.”

“What I like:

1. wireless access over wi-fi so no issues with distance from speakers
2. Linking speakers so same music synched for multiple rooms. I have a speaker in the Master bedroom and bathroom. Very nice.
3. Application works on both galaxy and apple products. You need to be patient for the speakers to synch up correctly with your device. I do notice some challenges with Pandora when switching between my galaxy and ipad but it does resolve itself out. Can only imagine that it will get better over time. (only have the issue when I turn on the speakers)
4. able to start on one device and control on another. again this is very nice.
5. my wife has had no problems using the application! I think this is really the biggest like for the system. If it did not work easily for my wife it really is a no go in my house.

For  just under R6,000 this product is a steal. Sound is fine and I now have music wherever I put the speaker(s) without worrying about keeping a device close the speakers like for Bluetooth”

I love this
“I absolutely love this speaker. It looks like others that reviewing it earlier had firmware with issues or less features. I didn't have any issues though. 

Upon opening the Onkyo app, it found the speaker on the network and offered the update; note: the app wouldn't allow usage of itself without first allowing the firmware update to proceed.

I specifically purchased it due to the fact it has an Ethernet port on it. I did not want to rely on Wi-Fi for a consistent and reliable connection. It has been extremely flexible; I can stream directly from my Android phone and I can use Spotify through it. Still working on learning about DTS PlayFi. They even have a desktop app for it."

Definitely a yes 
“I've used various speakers and this is definitely one of the best.

It's small but powerful. Incredibly easy to set up too and the fact that it's wireless just makes it so neat. Highly recommended.”


If you're looking for powerful wireless speaker addition to your home cinema, you can't go wrong with the Onkyo NCP-302 White Wireless Speaker. 

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