Monitor Audio Silver C350 Speaker Review

The Monitor Audio Silver C350 Speaker

Customer Reviews

Perfect for TV viewing
“As an audiophile all my money goes towards my stereo rigs with tube amps, high-current ss amps, phono stages, mc carts, etc... I'm not really into home theater and don't need the biggest and best and because it's a lower priority for me, I've always used very average consumer gear - don't need the latest and greatest - 5.1 is fine for me.

My amp is just a Yamaha RX-V375 - you get the idea. My center channel was the Yamaha NS-C310BL and always the weakest link in my system.

Even when using the amp's voice enhancer, those soft and quiet conversations in Dolby Digital or DTS movies always were partially un-intelligible.

I finally decided to upgrade to the Monitor Audio C350 and... problem solved!

Night and day.

You can hear "everything" - even whispers. I no longer have to use the amp's dialogue enhancer. However, I would like to give you a heads up about something - this center channel can come across as having too much top end, i.e., sibilance, especially on "s". This happens on certain television shows, but when you watch a BluRay, it's not an issue.

I can tweak it down on the tv shows by using a DSP sound field. Also, this may tame down after it's broken in a little. Watching movies with this center is where it really shines and there simply can be no better for the money”

Definitely worth it
“All I can say now,... it "Wow!!!!!!"

Forget Bose!! Forget all those matched systems costing thousands of Rands!!

Buy this center channel.

With the right receiver, balancing the speakers correctly, its crystal clear and has added an entirely new dimension to my watching/listening pleasure. I've always known Klipsch makes decent stuff,... and this center channel may seem expensive, but its worth every penny, provided you have other high end speakers to pair/complement with it. Love it. Highly recommend it"

No other speakers necessary
“This center speaker offers you the most beautiful cinematic voice ever and in my opinion cannot really be matched.

Believe me if you try this center speaker you won't even need other speakers, it's that good :)”


If you're looking to add a powerful centre speaker to your home cinema, look no further than the Monitor Audio Silver C350 speaker.

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