Monitor Audio 100 Bookshelf Speaker Review

The Monitor Audio 100 Bookshelf Speaker Set

Customer Reviews

Excellent stereo sound
“The Monitor Audio 100 Bookshelf speakers are extremely clear and produce an excellent stereo field. They lack a bit in the low end punch but mid-bass tones are represented beautifully, as well as higher tones.

I'm very impressed with the clarity but may add a component subwoofer to help the low end along, for the price I'm very happy and can't believe how speaker technology has evolved over the last 20 years.”

Simply blown away
“I am blown away by how great these speakers sound. I am running through optical setup, using mostly for gaming. I use them to do a lot of racing simulation with a full wheel, shifter, and pedal setup and it is easy to forget you're not driving a real car, that's how immersive the experience has become with the addition of these speakers.

Sound is rich and full, with bass range being much better than expected without a subwoofer. ”

Great speakers, great value
“These speakers are great!

After throwing a party and discovering that my small portable bluetooth speakers could not handle the job of providing background music for a full living room (and I live in a relatively small apartment), I decided I needed something else. I looked at getting a sound bar, but what I really wanted was something that had multiple inputs and I could plug into different devices without needing to purchase a separate stereo.

These fit the bill perfectly. I've got them plugged into my TV and and  I also am hoping to get a record player soon and that will plug right in as well.”

Small but powerful
“Bought these speakers after reading the many positive reviews online. I intended to use them for temporary period until purchasing new receiver and home speakers, but I have been pleasantly surprised by their full, rich sound and impressive range. While these speakers do not match more full size speakers that are powered by a receiver, they have impressive sound for a relatively small package."


Small, but powerful the Monitor Audio 100 Bookshelf Speaker Set would be a worthy addition to your home theatre system.


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