Klipsch R-51PM Active Speaker Review

The Klipsch R-51PM Active Speaker

Customer Reviews

Small but powerful
“These Klipsch R-51 speakers really are great. They work as advertised.

I will say that they definitely benefit from a break in period. First out of the box they are really forward and the treble is biting. After some break-in though it mellows out and they sound great. Please remember that these are small speakers. They sound great to be as small as they are. They are really clear and detailed. They would also benefit from adding a sub to your system.

The only negative remark I can give them is that the phono stage is not great. It will get you going if you are just starting out but you are really going to want to upgrade to a separate phono stage quick. That being said when playing records there is absolutely no hum at regular listening volumes. The phono stage just sounds flat. There is no depth. No separation. I know these speakers can sound better because they sound great when paired with a DAC.”

Great, high quality sound
“Buy these NOW!

The sound quality is amazing at any level.

You can blast these or turn down low and you still get a fulfilling sound from the dynamic bass EQ. I honestly don’t think you would have to have a sub with these but I bought one because I am a basshead.

Bluetooth and optical work very well and setup and use are very simple. If your using for Netflix make sure to set your optical output to pcm or the speakers won’t work. Plays rap- metal amazing.

Seriously buy these if you don’t have a receiver but want high quality sound . It’s almost too loud at times!”

Very satisfied
“I have no complaints at all about not hearing dialog on tv from any program or channel anymore even on a very low volume.

These speakers are so very crystal clear sounding, they're excellent in that regard.

You do get some low sounding frequency and I thought that would be enough for me since I'm not a hip hopper or rapper but if you pair these with a high quality subwoofer the overall sound is outrageously excellent! I'm not a "basshead" as they say, I like proportionate sound from highs to lows and with this combo set up you will at a low volume hear the low bass as well as the highs, beautiful sound even from dialog!

It was pricey for me but I just bought another subwoofer and R-51PM's for my bedroom also where I have a projector and tv. ”

Brilliant sound
“I blared these puppies for like five hours on their top volume and let me tell you, they sound great.

Live concert recordings sound like you're right there while albums sound like how they were intended to. 

The R-51PMs pack a punch and should be government mandated into every house.”


Taking into account quality and the price, the Klipsch R-51PM Active Speaker would be a great addition to your home entertainment system.


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