Denon Home 350 Black Speaker Review

The Denon Home 350 Black Speaker

Customer Reviews

Pleasing on the ear
“Set up of two of these Denon speakers via WIFI was very easy to do, no problems at all. I've used WIFI, Bluetooth, and Spotify to play music w/o much fuss.

The sound quality really surprised me - way surpassed my expectations. 

In many instances I'm hearing supporting instruments clearly that were muddied out on other hardware and I'm liking that.

They can be played rather loud so if that's what you want these can do quite well in that regard.

I pushed the treble to 10 per a suggestion I read on another review... sounded good. That said there are times when I think the bass is not as punchy as I think it should be so I dropped the treble back. Subjective of course, but others do say it is a real good idea.

Bottom line: My pedestrian advice is go listen to them first, you'll probably be very pleased.”

Would definitely buy again
“I wanted a portable wifi+bluetooth speaker with good sound quality and dependable performance. This one delivers.

The sound quality is better than I expected for the money; quite satisfying to me. Yes, I think the bass is a little strong, as others have noted, but I think that is adjustable. Actually, I have not tried adjusting it because it does not bother me much.

I wanted the unit in one package, like this one, so it would be easy to move from room to room. The downside of a single small unit might be stereo separation, but the technology in this unit delivers a good result in that sense also.

The install was easy following the directions on the app. It connected with my wifi with no problems. It works with iTunes.

I would buy this again. In fact I might do that at some point depending on my use pattern"

You'll be glad you bought this
“I like them! I bought them because I bike a few times a week and I wanted a way to have my music follow me as I move from downstairs after riding to upstairs to get cleaned up. I have a Marantz receiver that has HEOS and I wanted to be able to connect the speakers and the receiver to stream everywhere in the house. It works flawlessly for this purpose. I simply use the HEOS app in my phone and I’m able to go from one streaming service to another, the music saved on my phone or a music server in the house.

I have purchased the 150, 250 and 350 and they all sound great. I wanted a speaker that could make my house sound like I was in a club and they do the job. What I was surprised by is that when I just want some nice background music (jazz or classical) they deliver excellent sound as well. They fill the area. They can be subtle and warm or loud and forceful without distortion.

Setup was straightforward and connection to my WiFi was pretty easy.

Sound quality is excellent in my opinion. I started with the 150s and wished for a bit more bass. The 250s IMHO are a really nice balance with plenty of bass. I do not find them muddy like some reviewers stated. Some reviews complained about them having too much bass and I agree that the 350s are bass heavy. This, however, can be adjusted in the EQ, and frankly, I appreciate the bass in so small a speaker. I hid a 350 in a corner and it completely fills the area with music and its placement is hard to detect.

The software has been solid in my experience. You can connect different speakers together and rearrange the combinations by dragging and dropping speakers together. It works. I’m still playing around with this aspect of the speaker/software functionality. I am hoping to find that I can setup different combinations (using the same speakers-reusing different speakers in different groupings), save them, and picking from a saved list which combination I want to use in that moment. However, I am not sure that this is possible.

Overall, I think they are great sounding, attractive, versatile speakers. They are slightly  expensive, but thus far, I’m really happy with them.”


For a compact speaker that packs a powerful punch, you can't go wrong with the Denon Home 350 Speaker.  A great addition to your home entertainment system..

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