Denon Home 250 Speaker Review

The Denon Home 250 Speaker 

Customer Reviews

You can't go wrong
“I wanted a portable wifi+bluetooth speaker with good sound quality and dependable performance. The Denon 250 delivers.

The sound quality is better than I expected for the money; quite satisfying to me. Yes, I think the bass is a little strong, as others have noted, but I think that is adjustable. Actually, I have not tried adjusting it because it does not bother me much.

I wanted the unit in one package, like this one, so it would be easy to move from room to room. The downside of a single small unit might be stereo separation, but the technology in this unit delivers a good result in that sense also.

The install was easy following the directions on the app. It connected with my wifi with no problems. It works with iTunes.

I would buy this again. In fact I might do that at some point depending on my use pattern.””

Great sound, easy setup
“Set up was easy via the app.

Sound quality is excellent as expected thumping lows, warm mids, crisp (not shrill) highs with optional sound settings in app. One problem you may have is your phone not seeing the speaker as a cast option: Unplug + plug back in your wifi router the speaker, then restart your phone.

Other than that it sounds great, looks great, works great"

Brilliant sound
“You'll be pleasantly surprised by the crisp, clear sound (eve at high volumes) that this speaker manages to deliver.

It might seem a bit pricey - it goes for around R12,000 but it's certainly value for money, and I love how neat and compact it is. Quick and easy to set up, you'll be enjoying your music or favourite shows in minutes.

Highly recommended.”


A powerful speaker that would be a great addition to your home entertainment system, you can't go wrong with the Denon Home 250 Speaker

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