Denon DSB150 Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Denon DSB150 Bluetooth Speaker

Customer Reviews

Dynamite in a small package
“The Denon DSB150 has the best sound I ever heard, from a speaker this size.

Bass is very sharp and responsive with no distortion. This gives the illusion of much deeper bass notes. In other words you will think this is Dual 5.25" or bigger speaker system.

The highs are clear & accurate but roll-off a bit early. Midrange is beautiful and vocal clarity is excellent. For the price, this speaker is a no-brainer.”

Great value and looks great anywhere
“The look of the DSB-150 is more traditional than some competitors - it has more of an elegant design that you would be happy to have in a small office or end table in a living room. It is sleek and could fit in with most decors.

The Denon DSB-150's NFC capability is what I really like. Pairing with my smartphone by just bringing the two devices together is extremely simple and convenient.

The sound is great for the size. Nothing too earth shattering, but not very distorted. I placed mine in my home-office which is about 350 square feet with 9 foot ceilings. It sits nicely on my bookshelf and produces enough background/ambient music to keep me entertained without being distracted.

The speaker features the aptX audio coding which is supposed to make the sound quality streamed over Bluetooth clearer. I couldn't tell if it was the speakers or the aptX, but there is definitely a better quality sound from the Denon over my Jambox. The Denon isn't as muddy and doesn't sound like a radio broadcast. It has a much clearer, high definition sound. Again, nothing earth shattering, but a truly nice sound for the price.

If you want a nice looking, clear sounding, solid value bluetooth speaker, you won't go wrong with this speaker.”

Great value
“For the money I paid (+ - R3,500) with the quality of speaker, I should have no complaints. With the brand of Denon, this is far better than you get from brands at Game or Makro.

With a side-by-side comparison, mid-range is better than Bose sound dock system but Bose have a better low frequency bass.

Surprisingly this Denon is comparable to B&W A5, A5 is still sound better than DSB-150 but you paid 1/5 of the price. 

No connectivity issue with my iPad Air 2 or iPhone 6 (personally I prefer Bluetooth pairing instead of Airplay) and pair up with the speaker within a minute."


For a great, compact but powerful bluetooth speaker, you can't go wrong with the Denon DSB-150.

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