Denon DHT S316 TV Soundbar Review

Denon DHT S316 TV Soundbar

The Denon DHT S316 TV Soundbar

Customer Reviews

Crisp, clear sound
“I like the fact that you can control the volume with just the TV remote when connecting via the ARC HDMI input. You may need to use the included remote to do some fine tuning, but you could keep it stowed otherwise.

Setup was easy, though the most involved part of the installation was mounting the soundbar (I used a Sanus SA405-B1 universal soundbar bracket). To tidy the rat's nest, I eschewed the included 5-foot HDMI cable with a 3-foot unit I purchased separately, along with replacing the power cord with a longer C7-NEMA-1-15p type, and routing between the bracket and the back of the TV.

I hard set the audio output on the TV to the "Sound System" instead of "internal speakers." Once done, sound was perfect - powerful but great clarity”

Sharp, quality sound
“The Denon Home Theater Sound system has sharp and quality sound. I’ve been testing it out for a few weeks so far. I’ve compared it with my Sonos speakers and I’m impressed.

It arrived with all the equipment needed and was very easy to install. I have a Samsung tv and the speakers make a world of a difference. I feel like I’m in my own little bubble with great sound.

I also appreciate that it is Bluetooth and I can connect it to my cellphone’s Pandora music app. Jam all day without having to turn on the tv. I find I don’t use my other speakers since I’ve installed this.

I would recommend to anyone"

Neat and tidy speaker solution
“I needed to replace my old Sony BD/DVD player because the apps were being deprecated and not capable of being upgraded.

This necessitated purchasing a new BD/DVD player and a new home theater speaker system since the newer BD/DVD players do not support analog speakers.

The Denon DHT-S316 system features a soundbar and subwoofer with HDMI and Optical digital interfaces. The sound bar uses wireless to connect to the subwoofer which seems to function flawlessly.

My TV is older and does not have the audio output options available that newer TV’s possess, so I was concerned that Netflix might not have sound. I connected to BD/DVD player to the TV using the TV’s HDMI interface and connected the sound bar to the TV using the optical interface on the sound bar.

After tinkering with the settings on the TV I managed to find the correct TV settings to get audio functioning correctly with the Denon speakers and Netflix works.

The audio produced by the speaker system was far better than the TV sound system and I would rate it equivalent to the old analog Sony home theater system. 

I am happy with the Denon system, it is aesthetically pleasing and cleaner looking than the analog speaker system as there are fewer wires to contend with. The sound is as good, if not better than the old sound system.”


If you're looking to build on your home cinema system, you can't go wrong with the  Denon DHT S316 TV Soundbar.

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