Definitive A90 ATMOS Speaker Review

The Definitive A90 ATMOS Speaker

Customer Reviews

A great purchase
“Today my A90’s arrived and I must say I was blown away.

So I made sure to get everything set up and calibrated on my receiver but then did what everyone else, who was happy with them, and turned them up.

Popped in blade runner 2042 as my first movie with them and from the first sound my jaw was on the floor.

These make my Bp-9060’s sound massive. They give a huge sense of height. When it’s raining and K is on the rooftop with Joi you can feel the rain coming from the ceiling.

I highly recommend these if you already own def techs”

Well worth it
“For those who can't physically mount height speakers on their ceiling, things like this are the only option.

In Dolby Atmos content, using two pairs of these on my four BP9040s does provide me with some much needed verticality which is nice to have, even if the effect is not necessarily to die for.

But since I cannot mount speakers on or near my ceilings, these are great!"

Brilliant sound
“This pair of speakers (along with the A90 Dolby Atmos Topper option) sound MUCH better than my 10 speaker surround sound ever did.

I had to adjust the settings on my amplifier for speaker distance so that the Atmos speakers (on top) fired louder (tricking the amp to think they were farther away).

Now, I get FULL surround sound with house-shaking bass. I even had to turn down my 12 inch Klipsh subwoofer!!

I am hearing sounds from my 4K Blurays that I never heard before! These are WELL WORTH the upgrade and extra expense to get a completely different and better sound experience.”


A powerful set of speakers to really amplify your home cinema experience, the Definitive A90 ATMOS Speakers are a must-have.

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